Repair Cafe Docklands

What is a Repair Cafe?

They are local get-togethers where residents can get help from volunteer repairers to fix their household items. You can get help with items such as clothes, small furniture, toys, et cetera.
You can also use some tools yourself! Or you can lend a hand with someone else’s repair job.
It’s all about neighbours helping neighbours!

Next Repair Cafe

Past Cafes

May 2023

Article in Docklands News
“May saw the return of Docklands’ Repair Café in a new place with new partners!”

August 2022

July 2022

As reported by Docklands News:
“From volunteers with abilities in electronic and mechanical repairs to a local with a long-lasting love of sewing and mending, the Repair Cafe started off strong with locals who gave up their day to support their neighbours who came in.


February 2022

The DRG started the year by supporting a local Repair Cafe as part of the Sustainable Living Festival. Staffed by volunteers, Docklanders brought an array of damaged items to be given a 2nd life.
We hope the repair cafe will become a regular feature in Docklands!

Help Wanted – Calling all Menders, Fixers & Tinkerers!

Docklands Repair Cafe will be running on the fourth Sunday of every month, and we are always looking for local repairers who
are passionate about sustainability and who have experience.

We are also looking for volunteers to provide general support with set-up, visitor registration, social media promotion photography, etc