DRG Committee

The DRG operates on a network basis – “a network of networks” – connecting simultaneously into the various parts of Docklands and out to various groups which impact Docklands.  For this reason, the imperative of connection underpins the composition of the current committee, with each having demonstrated reach into various parts of the many Docklands communities. 

This is a key feature of all committee members, who currently comprise: 

  • Ben Ball – President: 7 year resident of Docklands, OC committee member of The Quays, and through his lived experience of disability and membership of groups (such as People With Disabilities Australia) represents the interests of those who need better accessibility and improved inclusiveness;      
  • Aditi Rawal: resident of Victoria Harbour, Steering Committee member of Docklands Neighbourhood House (Hindu cultural committee organiser of events such as Holi), community champion for the neighbourhood batteries initiative, and as a community leader and convenor of Indians in Docklands, brings the perspectives of Docklands’ growing Indian community; 
  • Linda Dugan: 9 year resident of Docklands, OC committee member and local business owner (operating in District Docklands), winner of 2022 ENABLEMENT Award and THE GLOBALS 2022 Awards (Seniors Care Trends) and brings dual perspectives of local business and aging
  • Katy Send: resident and owner of two Docklands businesses (conveyancing and data governance), volunteer of local non-for-profit Travellers Aid and Vice-president of the Docklands Primary School Parents & Friends, brings perspectives from school families with a particular focus upon safety;
  • Janette Corcoran: resident and Chair of Victoria Point OC, and as convenor of the Docklands Owners Corporation Network brings perspectives of vertical living and its governance challenges.