Docklands Representative Group

 for the People & Place of Docklands



Docklands is a wonderfully diverse.

People from all over the world live, work and socialise here. 
And our place is blessed with waterways filled with wildlife.

As Docklands continues to emerge, it is important that people and place are at the heart of decision making.

The DRG seeks to play a role in ensuring our Docklands community is central in future planning, that we are informed about changes and that our various interests are front of mind with key stakeholders.

Currently the DRG pursues this through:

1. Identifying, investigating and advocating on issues of concern for the various peoples and the place of Docklands.

2. Hosting forums and events to encourage informed decision making and community strenghtening.

3. Networking and facilitating connections between Docklands’ peoples – residents, workers, community groups – and the place of Docklands (its special environment) – and key stakeholders.

If you are interested in creating a more social, sustainable, informed, inspiring, cohesive, considered, equitable and empathic Docklands – we invite you follow us on social media and subscribe for notifications.