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Originally swamp land, then a bustling docks, modern Docklands nestles between picturesque Victoria Harbour and Melbourne’s CBD. It comprises eight precincts: Batman’s Hill, Stadium Precinct, Digital Harbour, Victoria Harbour, New Quay, Yarra’s Edge, District Docklands, and Studio Precinct.

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Authorities & Agencies

City of Melbourne
Holding responsibility under the Local Government Act 1989, the City of Melbourne has broad powers to carry out activities in the Docklands precinct.

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
Responsible for integration of climate change, energy, environment, water, forests, planning, local government and emergency management functions.

Development Victoria
Responsible for managing the design and delivery of major civic projects, property development and urban renewal projects on behalf of the Victorian Government.

Melbourne Water
Responsible for the environmental management of waterways, including drainage and sewage systems, treating and supplying drinking and recycled water and flood protection.

Parks Victoria
Responsible for recreational activities on the Yarra and Maribyrnong Rivers and managing facilities for navigational safety and port infrastructure for commercial activities.



Lend Lease

MAB Corporation

Mirvac Group


Docklands municipal boundary
Interactive Map

Regulations & Endorsed Plans

City of Melbourne Budget 2021-22

City of Melbourne and Docklands Acts (Governance) Bill

Docklands Act 1991

Docklands Community and Place Plan

Docklands Public Realm Plan

Docklands Urban Forest Precinct Plan

Docklands Waterways Strategic Plan

Research & Statistics

City Residents

City of Melbourne

City of Melbourne Infographic (pdf)